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On behalf of the Herald meetings LLC, Neuroscience and Brain Disorder is providing an international platform to all the professionals, scientists, professors, research scholars, to share their research work and join the eminent gathering with their new discoveries and practical applications and acquiesce new emerging technological trends in the conference areas.

 Neuroscience is a highly interdisciplinary branch of medicine that includes molecular and biochemical principles, structural aspects, physiological functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system in addition to the cognitive and behavioral aspects. It also focuses on developmental aspects and pharmacological aspects of the nervous system.

The conference contains significant international experts in Doctors, Neuro hospitals specialists, research scholars and general practitioners, Student Delegates from all over the world to our webinar with the theme “Neurovations: Breakthroughs in Brain Science". The webinar will be featuring oral presentations, poster presentations, keynote talks, workshops and many more.

Neurological disorders |Neuroscience Alzheimer’s | Parkinson’s diseases Pediatric neurologyEpilepsy | Dementia and mental health | Depression and anxiety | Schizophrenia | Neurophysiology | Neurochemistry Neurology nursing |  Neuroimmunology Neurological infections

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December 05 - 06, 2024