Neuropsychiatry leads the current restraints of psychiatry and neurology, which had mutual training; However, Psychiatry and Neurology have successively split apart and are generally practiced separately. Neuropsychiatry is wholly associated with the fields of behavioral neurology. Neuropsychiatry is the interface of Psychiatry and Neurology that offers with intellectual disorders, which in most instances can be proven to have their starting place from an identifiable talent malfunction. Neuropsychiatry focuses to understand the hyperlink between the mind, body and its behavior. Training in both neurological and psychiatric factors of illness places Neuropsychiatry in a special area to deliver this care. An advantageous assessment of the medical path of ailments requires the software of very precise diagnostic and assessment strategies as early as possible. By attaining these strategies, presents new possibilities for biomarker identification and/or discovery in complicated illnesses and may also provide pathological pathways grasp for illnesses beyond standard methodologies. • Addiction psychiatryComprehensive psychiatryPsychopathologyPsychiatric treatmentClinical neurophysiology